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Deep Roots, Strong Wings

Are you already active in your community? Have you ever considered running for elected office? Think you’ve got what it takes to make change happen for the better? We can help.

With the support of Status of Women Canada, Equal Voice consulted Aboriginal women across the country to find out what could be done to help support community members seeking leadership roles. The result is this campaign school: a guide to the requirements and demands of running for public office from the Band Office to the Prime Minister’s Office.
Introducing Deep Roots,Strong Wings

In 2004, Equal Voice received a grant from Status of Women Canada to develop an on-line resource for women interested in becoming involved in Canadian politics at all levels.


Aboriginal Women In Politics

Why is it is important for more aboriginal women to run for elected office?


Why and how to get involved

In order for our politicians to truly and fairly represent all Canadian citizens, they need to reflect the actual diversity in society itself.


Where and when should I run?

Which role should you run for and when?


Understanding The Election Process

Understanding Council, Municipal, Provincial and Federal Elections.


Other section leads


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