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Train the Trainer

If you tell me, I will listen. If you show me, I will see. But if you let me experience, I will learn. (Loa-Tse, philosopher, 5th-century B.C.)

The goal of this module is to build grassroots capacity to encourage and support the election of women to public office.

The objectives of this module are (1) to provide women with the information and tools required to organize a campaign school and (2) to encourage more women to run for public office and/or to support women running for public office

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  • This section is part of Equal Voice’s National Action Plan to increase the number of women running for public office. We need your help to analyse the impact of this tool;
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This section looks at the wide range of possible campaign school events, from an evening get together to a full day or week-end experience. It also provides three course scenarios including suggestions for exercises, handouts and evaluations. And stories on outcomes.

What you will get from this section

You will explore:

a. Getting started
  1. Choosing the trainer or trainers
  2. Choosing your target audience
  3. Choosing the location
  4. Finding the funding
b. Making it happen
  1. Setting the agenda
  2. Choosing guest speakers or panellists
  3. Promoting
c. Course scenarios
  1. General points
  2. Team Building scenario
  3. Financing scenario
  4. Communications scenario
d. Evaluations: before and after

e. The outcomes
Getting Started

If you are reading this page, you are already interested in setting up some kind of training for women to run as candidates at one level or another of government.


Making it Happen

You have chosen a location, set a timeframe, and determined the target audience for your campaign school event. It’s now time to “flesh out” the content and to start promoting the event.


Course Scenarios

The following scenarios simply add some elements to the existing Getting to the Gate material in order to provide you with some ideas in creating your own particular event.



At the end of the event, ask the participants to fill in an evaluation sheet.


The Outcomes

Rosemary Speirs participated in a unique experience in the North West Territories where women who didn’t even know what a riding really meant ended up deciding they wanted to become candidates.


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