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When to Run?

Because I had taken Barbara McDougall’s advice ‘run early, run hard and run scared’, I was way ahead of the four others.

Gina Brannan, Q.C., former candidate and advisor to then Ontario Conservative Party Leader Larry Grossman.

To get to the gate, you may also need to consider other more personal issues such as timing and time-related issues having to do with your private life and the social or political context of a given election.

After completing this section, you will have an overview of the timing of elections, the processes to follow to enter a nomination contest or become a candidate, and the time commitment. You will find several links to official guides for candidates at all levels of government. Then we will explore some personal time-related issues and see how some women role models dealt with similar situations in the past.

What you will get from this section

You will learn about

a. Timing Requirements
  1. Municipal Level
  2. Provincial Level
  3. Federal Level

b. Personal Readiness
  1. Personal Issues
  2. Thoughts from Role Models

c. More on the Issue

Timing Requirements

It’s all about good timing and having time. You may know why you want to run and where you want to run, but if you don’t know how to enter the game on time, especially the nomination game, it’s over.


Personal Readiness

Finding time has always been a challenge for women who are juggling career, motherhood and public involvement. And it is not a challenge that applies only to those women seeking public office.



Do You Qualify as a Candidate?

To sum up, here is a table based on one prepared by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women. It provides at a glance what you need to qualify as a candidate at all three levels of government.


More on the Issue

Additional links and resources on this section.


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