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Strategies for Success

If you decide to run, don’t wing it! Plan your personal success.

A most concise and useful description of how to plan for success was written by two Australian feminists, the Honourable Joan Kirner, and Moira Rayner, in their book The Women's Power Pocket Book (See More on this Issue for details).

Nobody sets out on a successful expedition without planning where they want to go, without a map, or without a plan for surviving along the way. Planning means being clear about your targets and objectives, including others in the process, getting things done on time, and ignoring what's irrelevant.

Here are the major points about planning.
  • Everyone has to do it and take responsibility for it.
  • It has to be based on facts, not hope alone, though hope is essential too.
  • Every task needs a name and a date beside it, so you can see who's doing what and check if it has been done.
  •  You must be able to measure your failures and successes.
Analyse & Strategise

Here we will explore some aspects of how to apply strategic thinking to your personal life.


Seize Opportunities

An essential part of your personal strategy will be to seize the opportunity to run when it arises.


Create a Power Base

A “powerbase” can be seen as networking – one step up. Anyone entering politics should have a network from business or community work. Building a power base is extending that network.


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