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We suggest you become personally involved in this section by making an honest inventory – a list of your strengths and vulnerabilities – before you 'Pass Go'.

Doing this kind of exercise can be truly an eye-opener for you, explains Penny Priddy, who counts 20 years as an elected official on a school board and six portfolios as MLA in British Columbia:

“Find your five best truthful friends and ask them to write down all they think you are really good at and your legacy (always longer than a list we would write for ourselves), and all the things they think you still have to learn, especially if you are going into politics. This helped me understand how people perceive my strengths. Sometimes there were things I didn’t see as strengths … I am very cautious and saw that as a weakness, but it has kept me out of trouble sometimes. My campaign committee did appreciate that.”

This exercise also helped Penny Priddy pinpoint one of her weaknesses, the realization of which was also very helpful on the hustings:

“I tend to have a flip sense of humour, which doesn’t work everywhere. This is particularly true when I’m tired or when I’m stressed. So, when I realize I am acting this way, I know I need to take a break. And I always make my team aware of this aspect of me, so that they know that if I become flippant, I am tired or stressed, and they don’t take it personally.”
Self-Assessment Exercise

The following self-assessment exercise is provided courtesy of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women.


Expectations & Strengths

This section considers what varying women expect from public service, and what strengths they bring to the job.


Character Shaping

If you decide to run, you must be ready to accept attacks from opponents – including those inside your party – and from people who apply double standards in evaluating women’s performances – including members of the media.


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