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Which Government Level?

The level of government chosen depends on the stage of your life – young children versus older children – and your location within a province and within the country.

Senator Sharon Carstairs, the first woman to lead the Official Opposition in a Canadian Legislative Assembly

This section offers you a quick overview of the specific powers and structures of the three levels of government in Canada, the role of political parties, and the experience of some women role models who have served in one or more of these levels.

What you will get from this section

You will learn about

a.The Role of Political Parties
  1. Overview
  2. Gender Policies
  3. Reasons to Become Involved

b.Municipal Government
  1. Entry Level Advantages
  2. Powers and Structure
  3. FCM Women\'s Committee

c.Provincial and Territorial Government
  1. Powers
  2. Structure
  3. Overview of Parties

d.Federal government
  1. Powers
  2. Structure
  3. Overview of Parties

e.More on this Issue
The Role of Political Parties

Unless you intend to run as an independent or choose to run at the municipal level where political parties do not exist (except in Quebec and British Columbia), you will have to undergo a party’s nomination process.


Municipal Government

Five fast facts...


Provincial & Territorial Government

Five fast facts...


Federal Government

Five fast facts...


More on this Issue

Additional links and resources for this section.


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