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What Do You Need?

This section aims to help you reflect on some of the barriers you may need to overcome to enter the world of elected politicians. It provides you with a self-assessment exercise, thoughts on building your own strategy and power base, tips on raising your profile and, most importantly, perspectives and insights from past and present elected women who have blazed the trail.

What you will get from this section

You will learn about

a. Self-Assessment
  1. Self-Assessment Exercise
  2. Expectations & Strengths
  3. Character Shaping

b. Strategies for Success
  1. Analyse & Strategise
  2. Seize Opportunities
  3. Create a Power Base

c. Raising Your Profile

d. More on this Issue

We suggest you become personally involved in this section by making an honest inventory – a list of your strengths and vulnerabilities – before you 'Pass Go'.


Strategies for Success

If you decide to run, don’t wing it! Plan your personal success.


Raising Your Profile

To end this section, here are some quick pointers on how you can raise your profile in a way that will give you the visibility and credibility needed to contest a nomination or run as a candidate.


More on this Issue

Additional links and resources for this section.


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