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Why Consider Politics?

It is individuals who change society, give birth to ideas; who, standing out against the tides of opinion, change them.

- Doris Lessing

After completing this section, you will have a better appreciation of the systemic gender gap in politics in democracies globally and gain a better sense of how you could make a difference by becoming a political leader.

What you will get from this section

You will learn about

a. Politics and Women
  1. Why Close the Gender Gap
  2. The Critical Mass
  3. Gender Gap Internationally
  4. Gender Gap in Canada

b. Politics and You
  1. Inspiring Stories
  2. What Can You Do for Change?

c. More on this Issue
Politics and Women

World-wide statistics reveal a gender gap in politics even though women are 50 per cent of the population in the majority of countries.


Politics and You

This first section about the gender gap in political representation will hopefully make you reflect on the role you could play in that field.


More on this Issue

Additional links and resources for this section.


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