Taking a few minutes to review these tips will enhance your user experience.

The Getting to the Gate course is offered in English and French. The language toggle is found at the top right of all pages.

If you click on the word 'Navigate' you are taken to a site map that will reveal the entire content.

The 'Navigate' word found on the top left of each page allows the user to review the various elements of the content. Move your mouse over the 'Navigate' word and the sections of the content will appear. Then move the mouse over each section heading and the sub-sections will be revealed.

There are three additional ways to navigate through the course material:
(1) You can move through the course section-by-section using the sidebar leads found on the left of the introductory page of each main section and subsection.
(2) On the upper right hand of each page, immediately below the language buttons, there is a 'bread-crumb trail' or 'file path' that indicates what page you are currently on and in which section of the course. This file path can also be used to return to a top level of a section or to go back a page.
(3) The site map or table of contents can be found by clicking on the 'n' at the top left of the page, beside the word 'navigate'.

Each page of the course offers a 'print this page' link at the bottom of the page. By clicking on this, a new window will open, with a 'print' button. This will provide you with a printer-friendly version of the page.

There is a 'comments' link at the bottom of each page. When clicked on, it opens an e-mail message that will be sent to Equal Voice, the organization providing the 'Getting to the Gate' course.

There are five main sections to this course. Each one contains sub-sections in which sidebars and further information and examples can be found throughout. At the end of a section you will find a 'Mark Completed' button. By clicking on this, the system will personally track your progress through the course.

Once you have registered, each time you log on, the system will recognize you and indicate how much of the course you have completed, and how much is left to do. For example, 40 per cent complete, 60 per cent incomplete would show up on the 'Navigate' mouse-over at the top of the page. So, don't forget to click on the 'Mark Completed' button at the bottom of each page to know which parts of the course you have read.

You can now begin the course by using your mouse on the Navigate word to find 'The Course' and click to the opening page.