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Equal Voice is a national multi-party group of volunteers dedicated to getting more women elected at all levels of government. We are pleased to present 'Getting to the Gate', our online campaign school made possible through financial support from Status of Women Canada and the work of many volunteers and contributors.

To get the most from this online course, we highly recommend that you spend just a few minutes reviewing the 'How to use this course' section where you will find some tips that will be useful for navigating through the course.

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To see a table of contents (site map), click on the 'n' beside the word Navigate. You may find it helpful to print this page as a reference.


How to Use the Course

Welcome to Getting to the Gate, an Equal Voice online tool for women interested in getting into politics. This course is free of charge; however, all users must register to access the course. You can also refer a friend.

To register, please complete the form that requests some basic information. This information will allow Equal Voice to evaluate the usage of this site.

All of your information will remain confidential. You can review our Privacy Policy for details.


The Course

This online course aims to increase the number of elected women by providing practical tools for women of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life interested in running for public office.



Funded by the Status and Women Canada, this course was also made possible by the contributions of many individuals and organizations.


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